Worlds first Real Reality Show?

Sitting here in the morning after dropping of my kids. It's 9.30 am and I just realized I have 7 hours alone time! I know it sounds like I'm a crazy person, but it's always staff from LaLa Studios here or from Size working from the house   But today it's quiet. 

Maybe it's just to early to say, or maybe just maybe, I have a whole day to do exactly NOTHING with Steve!  

Well, even if I say I'm not going to do anything it always ends up with me working with something. But my work is my life and opposite. There is nothing I rather do on a day of (except Being with my family of course) then working. 

Wierd. I wasn't suppose to be writing about my work today but somehow I just turned into that anyway!  

Well, I will leave you with a funny clip from my new tv show "the real reality" that we just went into post production with.  

This is a from a conversation I have with my segment producer Petra and my makeup artist Debbie when I was in Sweden last week shooting "Realitystars at the Castle" 

it was really early in the morning and I'm trying to wake up after severe jetlag and making an attempt to do a summery from the night before.  

Funny clip