Anger management

I'll let the picture speak for itself. Kind of sums up my 2016 well.


-BAbES, its ok, Smile. BUt not to much, babes.


-lipstick darling, your lipstick babes...

-Fine I'll smile! Look, I'm fucking smiling. Like a fairy FART! 


Oh My lord, how I miss this lady. @desertdebs where are you??? I love you! 😘❤️💕 


Isabel Adrian and Debbie Gallagher 2016  

Isabel Adrian and Debbie Gallagher 2016  

An outfit from Swedish Hollywood wife's

Ok... Whatever! Game face on point in the picture. #BehindTheScenes at @tv3se #SHF #SvenskaHollywoodfruar this one of my favorite looks from this season! The #ootd outfit is from @acnegroup hair and makeup @desertdebs staying and set design yours truly #isabeladrian @lala_studios 

In all #Acne clothing  

In all #Acne clothing