The world weirdest Writers block is gone!

I'm back. A Little older an much colder! I'm in Sweden right now and having a cold winter. We decided to invade our house in Stockholm for 6 months. 

Its been a ride with lots of laughs and tears.. A time for family, rethinking who I was, finding my way back to my roots, meeting new and old friends. An adding a another location in my life.

A time for privacy. 

Its been hard not to share my thoughts and emotions with anyone. I'm used since I started blogging 2004 to always tell my side of the story. My point of view in different situations.

And it's been a hell of a roller coaster the last couple of months in my life for sure. Both the private life and the life in the public eye.

the press both in Sweden but also in the rest of the world has been, well lets just say MAD! :-) 

And then suddenly I realized the other day, that even though my fans has been without my thoughts and been able to read my sides of these story's these past months, you are still there. Waiting and supporting my decision to be incognito for a while.

You all inspired me with your story's. 

And the joy I always felt writing my dairyblog started to grow slowly back, just like a perfect spring love.

Sooooo, from now on I'm back!

Me, my life, my thoughts, my fun, my sadness and all the things I always want to remember years to come!

This is now my diary again, and I feel nothing but love. 

Uncensured, just like it should be. 

I write for me, but I welcome the world to join me and my crazy, happy, corny and as I use to call it "The Unique And Magical Adventures of Me Myself and I "

something I want to remember, always. 

And the best way to do that? Write! 


Xoxo Isabel Adrian  


I'm jumping on the train again!  

I'm jumping on the train again!  

Happy Birthday Fredric !

With a lot of love and gratefulness for have had you in my life for so short amount of time as 6 months. You have not only showed me and introduced me to the world of dancing but also that it could help me to break the last wall of fear I built up for so many years. You have given me the back the joy of feeling happiness when I'm in front of the camera, and behind it simultaneously. I can live a normal life at the same time., I can! 

Dancing with the Stars might been where the audience saw you first, but I wish they all could see what an amazing dancer, teacher, actor and partner you are. Not only in the dance world but also in life. 

I'm so happy to be your friend, and I know you will continue to make the world a better place. One step at a time :-)  

starting in Norway soon to do there "Dancing with the stars" 

So happy birthday Fredric Brunberg on your 30th birthday!

May all your wishes come true!  

A moment in the finals isabel Adrian cc:Lala Studios  

A moment in the finals isabel Adrian cc:Lala Studios  

Isabel Adrian & Fredric Brunberg behind stage in Lets Dance 2016 cc LaLaStidios  

Isabel Adrian & Fredric Brunberg behind stage in Lets Dance 2016 cc LaLaStidios  

Fredric Brunberg at the Lets Dance Finals 2016  

Fredric Brunberg at the Lets Dance Finals 2016  

Kids in costumes

There is something special about kids in costumes. They really live out there fantasies. If I didn't know better I would believe in Winter when she said she can fly!  


Monday and Winter is having a blast!  

Monday and Winter is having a blast!  


An outfit from Swedish Hollywood wife's

Ok... Whatever! Game face on point in the picture. #BehindTheScenes at @tv3se #SHF #SvenskaHollywoodfruar this one of my favorite looks from this season! The #ootd outfit is from @acnegroup hair and makeup @desertdebs staying and set design yours truly #isabeladrian @lala_studios 

In all #Acne clothing  

In all #Acne clothing  

Lost in translation

Looking at my phone. What should I post? Finally I saw a picture I never seen before.

A moment.. Lost in time.

I thought - I need to #remember

now it's not lost anymore. now it's not forgotten, it's here. !! Now and forever... 

#inmymind #TheRealReality #isabeladrian 

Isabel Adrian where? No idea...  

Isabel Adrian where? No idea...